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Netgear NAS Plays Nice with TiVo

July 12, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Netgear has announced their new ReadyNAS Ultra storage devices. NAS stands for “network attached storage” which means that the data on its hard drives can be accessed by any device on your home network. This provides you with a powerful storage system that lets you share files and create backups of critical data — including music, video, and photo files — from all your home computers.

One key feature of the devices is their ability to store data from a TiVo DVR using the network connection. And once the data is in the NAS box, it can be streamed to any TiVo box on your network. The device can also automatically reformat streaming video for viewing on mobile devices or home computers, transcoding on the fly. And Skifta software lets you access your media files from any DLNA-compatible device even when you’re away from home; you can even use a smartphone to access your media content remotely.

The four- and six-bay models are slated to ship later this month, with the two-bay models scheduled to be available in October.