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DLP Still Alive

July 1, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

I have often said that you could take a rear projection television, dip it in batter, deep fry it, and cover it with powdered sugar and the average American consumer still would not buy it. So the news is that Mitsubishi still has not given up on rear-projection DLP televisions. Yes, their pricey LaserVue sets get most of the press coverage (though the price for the 75″ model is approaching reason at $5,999 list). But the traditional DLP models deserve some attention from buyers looking for large screens at atttractive prices.

For example, the 60″ WD-60638 has a list price of $1,199. No, there are no missing digits in that price, and that’s list, not street price. Oh, and like all other Mitsubishi rear projection models, it’s 3D ready. If you want a big screen, consider the 82″ WD-82838 that lists for $4,499; you could pay that much for an LED backlit LCD flat screen that is much smaller.

It is interesting to note that Mitsubishi no longer relies solely on the high margin pro A/V channel to sell their HDTVs. You can now find their products in a range of familiar retailers, including Amazon.

If your heart isn’t set on getting the thinnest panel possible — and who can tell when you’re seated directly in front of it — don’t forget that a rear projection set may give you more bang for your buck.