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Vuvuzela Must Die! (Here’s How!)

June 18, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Almost everyone has heard that the FIFA World Cup tournament is underway. And just about everyone has heard the song of the vuvuzela, the noisemaker of choice for South African soccer fans. The deafening din is drowning out sports commentators and giving TV viewers instant headaches. While debates rage on about banning the horns from international competition and broadcasters scramble to find ways to cope with the racket, some viewers have taken matters into their own hands.

If your HDTV, home stereo, or even computer has a “parametric” equalizer for the sound portion of your TV signal, you may be able to muffle the vuvuzela or even eliminate it completely by filtering out certain frequencies. The Lifehacker site has posted an article on vuvuzela killer strategies. The page contains a link to settings for a Samsung TV, but also demonstrates how to use GarageBand on a Mac to filter the signal to get rid of the droning sound. They even posted a video showing how to do it:

It’s a pretty impressive demonstration, and can greatly increase your enjoyment of the World Cup Games.