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Panasonic Announces VT25 3D HDTV Series

April 26, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

On Friday, Panasonic announced delivery dates and list prices for the VT25 Series plasma HDTVs, the newest line of VIERA models with 3DTV support.

– 50″ TC-P50VT25, list $2,599.95, ships May 3, 2010
– 54″ TC-P54VT25, list $2,999.95, ships May 3, 2010
– 58″ TC-P58VT25, list$3,399.95, ships June 2010
– 65″ TC-P65VT25, list $4,299.95, ships June 2010

These will join the 50″ VIERA TC-P50VT20 3DTV that started shipping last month. The VT25 sets will come with one set of active glasses as a standard feature, with addition sets available for $150 list apiece. The sets also have VIERA CAST WiFi support, and are can be used for Skype video conversations using optional hardware.

Panasonic is managing to keep plasma sets alive as viable competition for LCD HDTVs. They do not produce as bright an image, so they work best when used in a room with controlled ambient lighting, but many people still prefer their performance over LCDs. It does not appear that plasma will go away any time soon.