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HDTVs: Is that Model Available in Mauve?

March 30, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Runco continues to be the high-end home entertainment display company that defies gravity and demonstrates that there is still room for an exclusive home theater company. The company has announced a new program called “ColourPallette”, which lets customers order the full line of Runco home theater projectors and flat panel displays in any of 13 different colors.

According to Runco VP of Marketing Jennifer Davis, “It is easy to see why designers may view display technology as a necessary evil that detracts from their vision for the space, instead of enhancing it. Runco is affording designers new ways to embrace and integrate technology into their designs, and even use it to complement a room’s aesthetic.”

The 13 colors are not immediately discernable by their names, which include “Runco Magic”, “Runco Artisan”, and “Runco Expert”. You can check them out for yourself, however, at the Runco Web site where you’ll discover that “Runco Extreme” is a purple shade.