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March 16, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

WARNING: You can waste a lot of time if you read this.

I stumbled across a great project call “FedFlix” in which volunteers are taking digitized video and film content from the National Archives and making them available on the Internet. One of the repositories for this content is the Internet Archive, which includes sections for text, audio, and moving images. The collection is searchable, so I decided to search for “1080” in the moving pictures section, and was rewarded with 129 hits: I found jewels and junk among the clips, but many of them are downloadable, and a lot use the Creative Commons license so you may be able to use them in your own video projects.

In addition, the FedFlix content is published through the Public.Resource.Org channel on YouTube. Now, most of this content is in standard definition — or worse — but there are hundreds of films available. Some are an hour-long or more. There are films from the FAA about flight training, safety films for loggers, and even a series of 1950s instructional videos on dating for teens. There are documentary films, law enforcement training films, and films about our court system.

You have been warned. It’s entirely too easy to get lost down this rabbit hole for hours at a stretch. Why do you think that I was late in posting this entry today?