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HD Camcorder: $80

March 8, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

I got notice today that Best Buy is selling an HD camcorder for $80. Normally $130, this 720p camera with a 3″ LCD screen is marked down an extra $50. With the Best Buy “Insignia” house brand, it has digital image stabilization, 90 MB internal capacity, and an SD memory card slot. It also has HDMI and USB cable connections.

The Insignia NS-DV720P camcorder records 720p HD home movies, and is selling now for just $80.

Okay, this where I do the geezer “crawled on broken glass five miles to school and back home again, uphill both ways” part of the story, but hey, I remember when Sanyo first came out with a similar camera for ten times that price, and we were all amazed because most HD cameras at that time cost multiple thousands of dollars. So an $80 HD camera is getting close to the “disposable camera” category.

Clearly, HD is rapidly becoming the standard for home movies as you don’t save any money by getting anything less. And you’ll need an HDTV to watch them. So add “home movies” to the many uses to justify getting a new flat screen.