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Happy HD New Year!

January 1, 2010 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Happy New Year!

While there are plenty of gloomy topics floating about in our world these days, high definition television is not one of them. We survived the transition to digital broadcast of television programming (more or less) and now many viewers can enjoy HD shows for free over the air. HDTV prices fell another 20% or more in 2009, and as incredible as it may seem, many analysts expect the same to happen again in the coming year.

Plasma and LCD TVs are becoming more energy efficient, and the designs are getting more and more attractive as they get thinner and lighter. Image quality is getting better, and it’s getting harder for the untrained eye to spot the traditional weaknesses of plasma and LCD models.

Blu-ray player prices are slowly approaching the “reasonable” price range. Internet delivery of content is rapidly gaining attention and viewers, while cable operators and satellite providers are exploring ways to let you take advantage of your subscription even when you’re away from home and your set-top box connection. Netflix and Blockbuster are working toward delivering movie rentals over the Internet, saving you the trip to the store or even the walk to the mailbox.

And now here comes 3D for the home. After some false starts, it appears that the sets and players will be ready in 2010, and we’ll even have a limited amount of content available to watch on them. It will still take a couple years for enough content to be ready, but this coming year will mark the start of this new market.

We can’t expect to see OLED TVs in any significant size or quantity this year, and mobile TV will still be trying to find its audience (and it won’t be in HD), but that just gives us something to look forward to in the years to come. And we haven’t even seen what will come out at CES in Las Vegas next week!

There’s still some excitement left in the HDTV market, and I’m glad that I get a chance to hang out in this playground.

So thanks for your support, and I send my best wishes for a wonderful, high definition new year!