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Itsy Bitsy HDTV Spider

December 30, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

My friend and touch-screen technology expert Geoff Walker sent me a link to an interesting site. Price Spider scours the Web for prices on popular product categories such as HDTVs. It then can present you with a list of sites and their prices for a specific product. Nothing special so far. But the site also gives you a graph of the product’s price over the past year. For example, here’s the graph for the LG 47LG50DC 47″ LCD TV:

Price Spider shows a historical graph of prices for individual products.

The blue line is the average price, and the green line is the lowest advertised price on the Web that they found. In this case, the price has settled on three different levels: a higher price into last spring, a lower price through the summer and early fall, and then dropping to its current low price in the late fall. It’s interesting to see how the average price has taken some time to settle closer to the current lowest price.

Like any spider-bot-based system on the Web, the results from Price Spider are not infallible. It may miss some deals, for example. But it does give a good overall view of the prices you can expect to find for a given product. And it also provides some good illustrations of how prices have changed over time.