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Hulu Provides Needle-Finder

December 9, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

It should come as no surprise by now that I love Hulu. I probably watch as many shows on it as I do on broadcast television, now that I have a computer hooked up to my big screen. But one of the problems I’ve had is finding the shows that I want to watch. Discovering the queue feature was a great help; once I find a series I like, I can quickly add all the episodes to my queue so that I don’t have to go searching for them again.

But finding new shows can be a challenge. I like how Hulu will suggest a few similar shows, and then there’s the little Search box on the home page, but that’s limited. Now Hulu has opened the door to more effective searching with an Advanced Search feature. (Do a search, and this option will appear on the results page.) Once there, you can set a bunch of handy criteria, such as Full Episodes, or which Network the show appeared on. You can specify a range of dates (in case you’re tired of the big hair and leg warmers of the 80s), or you can even search for your favorite actor. (Any Vincent Price or Godzilla fans out there?) And of course you can search for key words, but you can also give a list of words to exclude which can help narrow your results in a hurry.

As Google has proven, it’s not enough to have content; you have to have an efficient way to find it. The World Wide Web is a very big place, and finding your needle of entertainment in its haystack can be a daunting task. Hulu has made a step in the right direction; the key that will unlock video and movies on the Internet will be powerful search features that make it look easy to get what you want quickly.