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You Want It When?!?

December 7, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

The Internet changes everything, or so they say. Look up information and it’s delivered to your screen at the speed of light. (Okay, maybe not that fast, but a lot faster than if you had to drive to the library.) But the Internet geeks still haven’t figured out how to deliver physical stuff over broadband. Leave it to the seasoned retailers to solve that problem, like J&R Music World in New York City. This outfit is now offering same day delivery for your purchases, so that procrastinators can get their last minute gifts at Santa Claus speed. You can place an order as late as 3 PM and it will be delivered that evening.

Now, this offer is only good in Manhattan and the outer boroughs of New York City, and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. It costs extra, starting at about $20 in Manhattan and $55 for the rest of the region for orders under 10 pounds. The price goes up for heavier orders. Still, the option of getting your purchase the same day can be a valuable time-saver in this busy season.