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Hulu Grows Again

November 25, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

An article in Advertising Age reports that the latest Video Metrix results from comScore show that Hulu traffic jumped by 47% in October, mirroring a similar gain last year. The article attributes the gains to the advent of shows for the new fall season on the major networks: NBC, ABC, and Fox.

The reported figures show that Hulu delivered 856 million video streams to 42.5 million unique viewers. Average viewing time per viewer for October also jumped from 92 minutes in September (about two hour-long TV episodes) to 123 minutes in November (nearly three hour-long shows). According to the Advertising Age article, Hulu is also close to selling out all its available ad slots on its programs for this quarter. There is still question, however, about whether the service can survive based on minimal advertising per show, and whether it will be transformed into a subscription-based service instead.

These October numbers probably are good enough to keep Hulu in second place for online video, but Number One still is so far ahead that it’s nearly out of sight. Google’s YouTube served more than 10 billion videos in September with a 40.2% overall share compared with Hulu’s 2.2% share.