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No Blu-ray for XBox

October 27, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

According to a Digital Trends report, a Microsoft spokesperson has stated that there are no plans to build an XBox version with a Blu-ray player in place of the current standard definition DVD drive. Microsoft was a backer of the ill-fated HD DVD technology, but now that even Toshiba has started shipping a Blu-ray player, you’d think that Microsoft might soften its position. Instead, the company is focusing on network-delivered content through its XBox Live subscription service, which offers access to a variety of content including the Netflix streaming on-demand catalog.

I have stated more than once that the whole concept of a high-definition disc player may have missed its window, and that Blu-ray’s victory over HD DVD may be hollow in the end. Broadband service is growing so rapidly that it could well overtake Blu-ray as the distribution method of choice for HD movies and television programming. those little carbonate plastic discs are so 20th Century, after all.