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Another Tiny HD Video Camera

October 15, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

On Tuesday, JVC announced a new pocket camera with 8 megapixel resolution for still shots (3,264 by 2,448 pixels). Oh, and by the way, it also takes 1080p video at 30 frames per second (FPS). It does 720p at 60 fps. Oh, and it does all this for a list price of $199.95.

The JVC Picsio takes 1080p videos and costs less than $200.

The camera is called the Picsio GC-FM1, and it fits in your shirt pocket. It has an HDMI output and a USB connection, and charges when the USB is connected. It has 4x digital zoom, plus an image stabilizer when taking videos. It has features that make it easy to sent your video to YouTube or iTunes, and you can use an SD card with up to 32 GB for extra storage. The display is a 2″ diagonal LCD panel. It uses MPEG 4/H.264 compression, and saves videos in .MOV format.

Now, this is not a camera that Hollywood is going to use to shoot a feature film, but it is likely to be fine for family home movies. The point that amazes me is that here is a high definition video camera available for less than $200. That’s a remarkable price, and it is easy to use as well.