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Get Connected!

September 18, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Last night, I attended a “Holiday Spectacular” press event hosted by Pepcom in New York City. I saw all sorts of new sparkly shiny things there, some of which I will probably end up buying because they are just too cool and do exactly what I want and are priced right. For example, I’m due for a new digital camera, and I saw a lot of choices that include the ability to take HD movies — 1080p in some cases — along with still photos. And I saw a cool program that will go through all my photos and identify individuals in each photo by their faces. And it even works on kids as they grow older. I was impressed!

But that’s not the big take-away I gained from the evening. At least half the hardward devices I saw connect to a network, and in many cases, from there to the Internet. Whether it’s sending your photos up to a photo sharing service or to your Facebook page, or it’s accessing content that’s available on the Web such as Netflix streaming movies, everything is getting connected. And it’s not just the Internet; devices are looking to your computers and shared storage devices to send and receive content, such as movies, photos, and music files.

So if you don’t have a network connection in your living room, you will. Maybe it will be a wired connection, or maybe you’ll use a wireless connection (and there were lots of fast 802.11n products on display last night), or maybe even a Powerline network adapter that uses your house wiring to make the connection. But you’ll have a network connection in your living room sooner or later. And you’ll find all sorts of clever products waiting to connect to it.