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Video in Your Magazine

August 21, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

And now for something completely different. When subscribers to “Entertainment Weekly” open up their copies of the September 18 issue (if they live in New York or Los Angeles), they will find an ad from CBS promoting the network’s new lineup for Monday nights this fall. That’s no so amazing, until you find that you will actually be able to watch clips from the shows in the ad.

Yes, there will be a small LCD panel embedded right into the magazine page. It won’t be high-definition — it’s just 320 by 240 pixels, or quarter VGA — but you can expect that to improve over time if this is a hit. The panel is made by a company named Americhip, and you can see a demonstration of how the panel can work in this video:

The page includes controls so that you can choose among five different clips. The Entertainment Weekly ad reportedly will have about 40 minutes of video. The panel is less than 3 mm thick, and can be recharged by connecting the page to a USB port.

This is an interesting novelty at this point, and is probably a pretty expensive stunt for CBS, but it’s received a lot of buzz already and so I expect you’ll be seeing more video in magazines in the future.