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DIY Mount with Extra Features

August 20, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

I have a woodworking shop, I do odd jobs and repairs around the house, and I’m a bit of a packrat. As a result, I’ve got all sorts of tools and gadgets and spare parts down there somewhere. So when it comes time to install a typical wall mount for a flat panel HDTV, I’ve got the stud finders and levels and other tools I need to get the job done. But if you’re putting up one and you don’t plan on doing it again any time soon, it seems a bit of a waste to go and buy all these tools for a one time use. If you’re one of my neighbors, drop on by and I’ll loan you what you need. (Offer me a cold beverage, and I might just strap on my tool belt and come install it for you!) But if that’s not an option, consider the Level Mount from Elexa.

The Level Mount comes with a built in level and as well as an electronic stud finder.

Now, I haven’t tested it, but it looks like a fairly typical wall mount. It is rated for up to 200 pounds, so it should hold just about anything up to a 50″ HDTV. It fits the VESA 75, 100, 200, 400, 600, and 800 mounting pattern standards, so it should fit just about any flat panel that accepts a wall mount. It doesn’t tilt, however, but when you consider the fact that is selling it for $39.99 including shipping you might be willing to do without a tilt feature. And the value gets even better when you find that it comes with its own bubble level built in, as well as an electronic stud finder (batteries included), bundled for free with the mount.

Looks like I’ll have to get my own cold beverages, I guess.