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Online Video Growing Rapidly

August 10, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

A study by Ipsos MediaCT reveals that more than one out of four Americans with Internet access streamed at least one full length video program during April this year, and 14% streamed at least one full-length movie. I find these to be remarkable statistics, especially when you consider that these represent more than double the usage just eight months earlier. And if you look at the 18 to 24 age segment, more than half watched a full episode and nearly one third watched a movie.

Online video watching has increased dramatically.

“The digital video revolution is no longer centered on short clips via YouTube; it is becoming an important distribution channel where any type of full-length video can be instantly accessed for immediate consumption without a fee,” explains Brian Pickens, Senior Research Manager at Ipsos MediaCT.

That’s the key point here; the early adopters are out in force on this, and the growing success of services such as Hulu demonstrates that people will watch “television” content delivered over the Internet. As it becomes easier (and less intrusive) to watch programs and movies on the Web, expect these numbers to grow even faster.