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Swivel-Head Cables

July 31, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Okay, flat panel HDTVs are getting thinner and thinner, and the newest wall mounts let you hang them just about flush with the wall. But here’s a question; what are you going to do about the HDMI cable? If the connector on the TV is facing the back, then the cable will stick straight out, which puts a limit on how close the set can be to the wall (or the back of your cabinet, or whatever.)

The connectors on the new HDMI cables from Atlona can swivel 90 degrees, so you can mount your TV closer to the wall.

Atlona makes a lot of cool accessories for HDTVs, but their new HDMI cables may be one of their coolest products yet. The ends of the cables swivel up to 90 degrees, so that the cable only extends about one inch from the HDMI port. This is less than half of the distance for a standard cable. If you don’t have a space restriction, then you don’t need this cable. But if room behind (or next to) your TV is tight, this could be the solution you need.

One of the things I like best about these HDMI 1.3b cables is the price. While some manufacturers price their cables as if they were made with unobtanium, Atlona has put a very reasonable $29.99 MSRP tag on the 3 foot version, which is only about twice what you might pay for a typical cheap, no-name HDMI cable on the Internet. As a result, I’d say this looks to be a good value that solves a real problem.

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