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Runco Still Offers Plasma

July 29, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Many videophiles lament the departure of Pioneer from the plasma HDTV market, citing their products for excellent image quality (provided that you can keep the ambient lighting in the room to low levels). But you have not seen the end of high-end plasma HDTV offerings. Runco is arguably the top brand for luxury home theater products, and the company has just announced a new batch of 50″ and 65″ CinemaWall and PlasmaWall models.

This new 65

Some of these new models feature Runco’s OPAL technology, which is designed to offer enhanced black levels that also reduces reflection of ambient light off the front of the screen. Some of the models use an external video processor with advanced signal processing and scaling features.

Don’t expect to see these at your local buying club or big box store; they’re only sold through a network of dealers and custom installers. And you won’t find these prices at your local stores; the MSRPs on these new models range from $6,995 for one of the 50″ models with integrated video processing to $15,495 for a 65″ model with an external video processor.