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InfoComm 2009: That’s Big!

June 19, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

InfoComm is a show for dealers and professional installers, and has products for digital signage and meeting room applications and professional sound and staging and all sorts of cool bright and shiny things. But one of the displays that stopped me in my tracks was at the Daktronics booth. This company makes the large LED displays that are used to make stadium screens among other applications.

The LED wall display from Daktronics has lower resolution than you might expect.

The setup on show at InfoComm used the company’s 6 mm pixel pitch LED modules, with 12 panels used to make this display. Note the silhouette of the person standing by the left edge of the display to get an idea of how big it really is. With a 4:3 aspect ratio, the display in the photo actually only had 480 by 360 pixel resolution; each panel has 120 by 120 pixels. To make a 720p HD resolution display, you’d need to stack up the panels until they stand about 14 feet tall; that’s too big for my living room.

The panels are rated at 2,000 nits (which is very bright) and they are remarkbly thin. And as the photo indicates, the image quality is remarkable. Need an HD display for your backyard sports arena?