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A Better HDMI Cable

June 15, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

At the CEA Line Show in New York, I stumbled across some new technology that I hadn’t heard about before. One problem with HDMI cables is that there is no locking mechanism for the connector, and in some cases, the cables work loose. If your devices are mounted in a closet or cabinet, it can be inconvenient to nearly impossible to get to the cable to reconnect it.

Some companies have come up with locking connectors, but the other side isn’t really designed for these. And then I found Torrent with their new SureConnect cable design. It has a number of nifty features.

First and foremost, the cables do not use a latch to make the connection more secure. Instead, you peel off a bit of plastic from the connector the first time that you plug it in. When you do this, a small metal sleeve sticks to the case of your device. This sleeve is made of ferrous metal, so a magnet will stick to it. And there is a tiny but strong magnet in the end of the cable. The result is that the cable has more than triple the holding power of a traditional HDMI connection.

Okay, I’m just about sold at this point, but there’s more. There’s a small LED built into the cable connector. If you have a good connection, it lights up. Wow, that’s so simple, but it makes a huge difference. Now you can tell at a glance if your cable is connected properly. (Shouldn’t all cables have a feature like this? How much can it add to the cost?)

And speaking of cost, that’s the best news. Unlike some companies that price their cables as if they were made with unobtanium, Torrent has reasonable prices for their products; list prices start under $50. Now, this is more than you have to spend for inexpensive cables on the Web which will probably work just as well in most cases, But if you want a little extra insurance that you won’t have to pull out your equipment stack to fix a loose cable, the Torrent solution looks like a good one.