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Will Apple Change Television?

June 9, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Apple has a knack for making technology stick. It was not the first company to make a computer with a mouse and a graphical interface, but the Mac changed the face of personal computing. Apple wasn’t the first to sell downloaded music tracks, but iTunes created a permanent change in the recording industry. Apple wasn’t the first to sell a mobile phone with Web access and downloadable programs, but the iPhone has reset expectations for what a phone can be.

The new Apple iPhone OS 3.0 operating system supports new mobile television features.

So when Apple announced the new iPhone 3G S yesterday, it also announced the new 3.0 version of the iPhone operating system. This will enable a host of new applications and uses for the iPhones, and the iPhone 3G models can be upgraded to the new OS 3.0 so they won’t get left out. One of the most intriquing applications is iLiveTV from Envivio. This video encoding and distribution solution will enable companies to launch live television services for iPhone users. This can include multiple channels, a program guide, dynamic adjustment to available bandwidth, and video on demand.

Others have attempted to create mobile TV services, but they have not taken root. Will the Apple magic touch extend to this market as well, making the iPhone the personal TV screen of choice? Stay tuned….