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Blu-ray Player on the Wall…

May 14, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Who’s the thinnest of them all? I don’t know if the Samsung BD-P4600 is the thinnest Blu-ray player on the market, but at 1.5″ thick, it’s certainly a contender. And it’s designed to hang on the wall right next to your flat panel HDTV. Pretty cool, huh?

The Samsung BD-P4600 is only 1.5

But wait; there’s more to this than just a skinny face. The player can connect to the Internet using either a wired or WiFi connection to your home network. You need this to take advantage of the BD Live interactive features, but it also provides you with access to Pandora’s Internet music service and Netflix’s streaming movies. (If you have a Netflix subscription, you get unlimited access to any of 12,000 movies at no additional cost.) The player also supports both standard and high definition DivX discs.

Like other Blu-ray players, this costs more than a standard DVD player. In fact, the BD-P4600 has a premium price, which is not surprising given its rich feature set. However, Samsung is running a promotion with Best Buy through this Saturday, May 16, offering a $50 instant rebate off the $499.99 price. In spite of the time limit for the rebate, I wouldn’t be surprised if the price cut became permanent soon.