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Panasonic HD Camera Give-Away

May 4, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Panasonic has created a “Living in HD” (LiHD) social networking site which it hopes will help “demystify High Definition and ‘unconfuse’ the consumer”. It provides places to post still and video images, discuss technology, find answers to your questions, and more. And to promote the site, Panasonic is giving away an HD digital camera every day for the month of May to members of the LiHD community. That’s a total of 30 cameras in 30 days. You can join for free, and then register to enter the contest.

Just a few years ago, we were amazed when HD-capable video cameras fell below $1,000. Up until then, only professional models with five-figure price tags were available. Now you can find a wide range of camcorders at reasonable prices that can capture HD content. Also, most “still” cameras have video functions, and many of them also offer HD video resolutions at remarkable prices. In the LiHD contest, you get your pick between the DMC-ZS3 10.1 Megapixel compact camera, the DMC-TS1 12.1 Megapixel sports camera that is waterproof down to three meters (about 10 feet), or the HDC-TM20 camcorder with 16GB capacity and Full HD resolution.

The prices for such cameras have fallen to the point where many people are likely to start taking their home movies in high definition to play back on their high-definition televisions. And if you’d like to try this for yourself, join and then register at Panasonic is also looking for additional families to take part in their Living in HD Family program. If your application is selected, your family will receive everything you’ll need to live in high definition, including an Internet-enabled 50″ flat screen HDTV, an HD camcorder, digital cameras, a Blu-ray disc player with movies, and a notebook computer. Participants share their HD experiences, and play a part in shaping the design of future Panasonic products. You can apply for this opportunity at

And good luck!