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More on OLED TVs: Maybe Next Year?

April 30, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

I know that I just wrote about this, but here comes more information. MegaWhat.TV has posted a video report about a new Samsung 23″ OLED monitor (which is really just a TV without a tuner, and if you’re using a cable or satellite set top box, you don’t need a tuner in your TV). According to the report, this monitor will be in production in 2010. It’s only a bit more than half an inch thick, and looks great in the video.

CORRECTION: (5/3/09) As much as I’d love to have Samsung come out with a 23″ OLED monitor, it appears that MegaWhat got this wrong. It’s not an OLED monitor, it’s an LED monitor. In other words, it’s an LCD monitor using LED edge-lighting which is why it’s so thin. I apologize for the false alarm on this and for perpetuating the error. (If you should catch an error, please let me know by writing to me at The remainder about Panasonic is still correct, as far as I know.

In addition, word comes from Australia via a report by Smarthouse that quotes Panasonic executives as saying the company will introduce OLED TVs in 18 to 24 months. Now, that’s a long way out and by now we should realize that this is hardly a credible prediction, but it does indicate that Panasonic’s interest goes beyond just plasma.

Will we see new OLED TVs before the end of this year? Maybe. Will we see them next year? Probably. Will they be price competitive with plasma or LCD? It’s just about guaranteed that they will cost at least twice as much. But they are undeniably gorgeous and there’s sure to be a market for them at just about any price.