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More OLED TVs This Year?

April 23, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

After lots of backpedaling on promises to ship OLED TVs — especially by Samsung — some companies are starting to sing a different tune. A story from the Hindu Business Line this week has been widely quoted and has stirred up a bit of excitement. In the report, an executive from LG is quoted as saying that “OLED should be here by end of 2009.” He also predicted that prices would be at least 2.1 times that of a standard LCD HDTV. That’s a hefty increase, but nothing like the 10 times (or more) price premium for Sony’s little OLED TV (that isn’t even HD).

And there are new rumors about Sony as well. The company has been showing a 21″ WXGA (720p) OLED HDTV in some Asian trade shows recently, fueling speculation that it may be released as a commercial product as early as this fall. No pricing has been mentioned, but don’t expect it to cost less than a 50″ LCD HDTV.