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More 12 Volt DC LCD TVs

March 20, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

TWICE ran a story this week about “a new start-up LCD TV brand, Naxa Electronics“. None of the sets mentioned in the company’s new line-up are larger than 26″, and some are as small as 13″ which gives new meaning to the concept of a “personal” HDTV. The sets have some strange panel resolutions, such as 1280 by 800 pixels or 1440 by 900 pixels, which indicates that the company probably got some good deals on computer monitor panels to use for their televisions.

But the Naxa line has two additional noteworthy features. Many of them include a built-in DVD player, which can be handy but is not unique. The special feature is that they can run on either 120 volt AC household current, or 12 volt DC current from a car or boat electrical system. This means that they are not battery operated, but they may be suitable as emergency TVs as you can run them off a car battery or even one of those “hot shot” car starter batteries.

Note that Naxa apparently is not that new in spite of the TWICE report. Amazon lists at least one TV from the company that was first listed in 2005. I suspect that part of the problem is that it’s difficult for companies to get retail distribution for their products, which can lower their visibility in the marketplace. Surprisingly, the Naxa TVs appear to be marketed through truck stops; the small size and 12 volt support makes them well suited to the entertainment needs of long-haul truckers. I wonder how many Naxa LCDs are going to be showing “Smokey and the Bandit” tonight at rest stops across the country?