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Dish-ing Out Movie Tickets

March 18, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

One reason to get satellite or cable TV service is so that you can watch movies at home. Many people pay these services lots of money each month for premium channels in order to watch recent releases on their TV sets. But here’s an interesting twist; Dish Network is launching a channel that uses Fandango to report back what movies are showing in your neighborhood, including showtimes. It even lets you purchase tickets (though you’ll need to have a phone line connected to your satellite receiver). So you can use your satellite TV service subscription to pay for tickets to go out and see a movie.

If you want to add one more layer of irony to the whole deal, consider this. Dish Network’s partner in this enterprise, Fandango, is owned by the satellite service’s cable rival, Comcast. Like politics, the new world of digital media apparently also makes for strange bedfellows.