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Reader Question: How to “Rescan”?

March 12, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Q: I am at my wits end trying to find a site that will provide me with easy to understand instructions on how to do a rescan! Do you have any idea how I can find a source for this? Your site (after searching for an hour and fifteen minutes is the closest to anything I have found. I would greatly appreciate any info you could get to me.
Iver Beck

A: I can understand your frustration. The problem is that the steps required to perform a “rescan” are different for different tuners, so I can’t give you the specifics for your individual tuner. And you won’t find “rescan” on the tuner’s menu. That’s because when we say “rescan”, what we really should be saying is “scan again”. It may seem like a simple thing to some people, but you’re not alone in your confusion.

All you have to do is go to the menu for your TV or converter box, find the channel section, and if it gives you a choice between “scan” or “update”, choose “scan”. That will clear all the assigned channels and do a completely new search. That’s all a “rescan” is. It’s exactly the same thing you did when you first setup the TV or converter box.

Note that it is a good idea to rescan every month or so, as stations in your area may be making changes. Be sure to rescan after the digital broadcast transition deadline on June 12.