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Ready for Your Close-Up?

March 6, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

The annual PMA convention was held this week in Las Vegas. This is probably the most important event in the photography industry. For HDTV fans, there’s a new development worthy of note. Just a few years ago, we were amazed with the first HD resolution camcorder price less than $1,000 appeared. Up until then, only professional models with stratospheric price tags were available.

These days, it seems that every home digital camera is able to take movies just as easily as it does still images. The new development is that digital cameras that also take 720p HD movies are now widely available and affordable. For example, Samsung announced their new SL820, a 12 megapixel model with optical image stabilization and 720p video recording with HDMI output. And the list price? How does $279 sound?

Sony’s 12 megapixel W230 also has optical stabilization and takes 720p movies, with a list price of just $199. Sony also will offer the 10 megapixel H20 with a 10x optical zoom and 720p movie recording for $279. And there are more choices coming from other manufacturers.

So all you budding videographers who thought you couldn’t afford to shoot your next soccer match saga in HD, take another look at some of the affordable choices on the market.