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Big Brother Hides in DTV Converters?

February 27, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Okay, it’s Freaky Friday. I’m a little late to this party, but apparently there has been an active movement on the Internet, driven by people committed to exposing the hidden cameras and microphones that are embedded in the digital television converter boxes that are being bought by millions of people with the help of our federal government. If this is news for you to, then check out the YouTube video that exposes the proof:

I hoped that you watched the clip before reading on. The fact is that the guy who made that clip originally intended to make a clip to prove his friend wrong about some nefarious conspiracy brewed up by “them” (whomever “them” might be). But as he got into it, he thought it would be a lot funnier to prove his friend right. So with a hot melt glue gun and some components scavanged from a defunct cell phone, he created the “proof” that many have been seeking. Never mind that the boxes aren’t attached to the Internet or a phone line, and have no way to communicate back to the mothership; there’s always a core group of people who want to believe what they think is the worst case scenario.

In this case, they’re wrong. There are no video cameras or hidden microphones designed to spy on you as you watch television. So you can strip to your skivvies and belt down your favorite brew with the confidence of knowing that your converter box is not watching you. However, I’m not making any promises about your cable set top box….