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How Low Can They Go?

February 26, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Yes, now is a great time to buy a flat screen TV if you have the money. As I predicted, the manufacturers and retailers are stuck with inventory, and need to get some cash out of the products. The SuperBowl is behind us, and there’s only March Madness between now and next September that might entice sports fans to shell out for a new big screen. (I’m sorry, but I don’t think that the Stanley Cup or U.S. Open will sell a lot of TVs.)

Amazing prices abound, but here are a two deals worth noting. (now owned by Tiger) is offering the 40″ Sony KDL40S4100 for $799.99, and the 46″ Sony KDL46S4100 for $999.99. These are 1080p models with three HDMI inputs and a bunch of other attractive features. They also are new, and not refurb units, with a one-year warranty from Sony. A year ago, you would have paid $1,200 for a 720p version of the 40″ model, and about $2,100 for a 46″ 1080p model from Sony. So now these are now at about half the price. That’s a big price cut.

I also got mail from a reader who was able to find some attractive prices at the Circuit City sell-out. He found the Samsung LN52A750 for $2,029.99, and the LN52A650 for $1,899.99. Both are 52″ LCD sets with 120 Hz refresh rates, but the 750 series has more connectivity features. A year ago, the lesser 550 series model was selling for about $2,800, so these prices are about $1,000 lower in comparison when you factor in the 120 Hz and other added features. (One warning: make sure that anything you buy from Circuit City is under factory warranty, because if it’s dead on arrival, you’re not likely to get any satisfaction from the liquidators. And get it in writing.)

I’m sure we can all come up with plenty of examples if we wanted to play “Top This”, but the big point here is that these large sizes are not selling. Right now, cash is king, and if you’ve got the money to buy one, you should be able to strike an even better deal than what’s on the price tag.