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Vizio Bails on Plasma

February 13, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Tack another nail in the coffin for plasma. Vizio has decided to drop plasma from its product lineup. The company didn’t show any new plasma models at CES this year, and is going to focus solely on LCD for its TVs. Following so closely on the heels of Pioneer’s announced exit from the TV market altogether, this leaves the field primarily to Panasonic. Samsung and LG do have plasma products, but they are more committed to the LCD side of their product line.

Clearly, plasma flat panels are not going away soon. They are getting thinner and more energy efficient. But it’s probably not enough to save the technology, especially since they have the reputation for being thick, heavy, and energy hogs. Consumer preference has been steadily shifting to LCD’s favor, and it appears that the trend is going to continue. The news is grim enough to cause Panasonic to announce at least a six-month delay in the opening of their new, giant plasma panel factory. I won’t be surprised if that schedule slips some more.