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FCC Releases “Early” Transition List

February 11, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Apples, peaches, pumpkin pie, who’s not ready, holler “I”! Well, with the “DTV Delay Act”, it’s really those stations that are ready to make the transition on the original February 17, 2009 datethat have to speak up. They had until Monday to file their intention with the FCC to cease analog broadcasts on that date, and the FCC has now published a list of those stations. Go to for a list of all the full-power TV broadcast stations in the country, arranged by market, with highlights on the ones that have already ended analog broadcasts or will end them on February 17. Check this list to see if you’ll need to rescan with your digital tuner after that date.

For those shutting down analog on the 17th, the table also indicates whether they will continue “night light” broadcasts. These are analog broadcasts that only put up a message indicating that there is no analog broadcast of the programming, and you have to switch to the digital station.

You can also get the table as an Excel worksheet if you want to play with it. There’s also a table of all the stations — full- or low-power — that are making the switch on or before the 17th, which is also available in PDF or Excel format. Links to these files are currently available on the FCC home page at

With 190 stations ending analog broadcasts on or before February 17th, and another 491 stations announcing their intention to cut them off on that date, a lot of people will be affected. If you get your TV programming over the air with an antenna, then you should check the list to see if any of the stations that you watch are making the change now.