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Camel’s Nose under JVC’s HDTV Tent?

February 3, 2009 | Author: Ibex Marketing

JVC Americas announced yesterday that they will be combining the four divisions of its U.S. operations. This includes JVC Company of America, which sells the consumer TV and camera products. The other divisions are Mobile which sells car stereos and navigation products, Professional Products which sells professional grade cameras and displays, and the service division that supports the products of the other three.

JVC has struggled to gain market share in the HDTV market. According to some sources, it does not make the top ten list for consumer TV market share. This year at CES, the company did introduce a number of new LCD TV models, and demonstrated a 32″ model that was only about a quarter inch thick, so they clearly are still involved in the market. But the consolidation of the operating groups does not bode well for their HDTV efforts. We can expect to see fewer brands on the market a year from now, and it’s quite possible that JVC might be among the missing by then.