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Circuit City Closing Deals Start Wednesday

November 3, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Circuit City announced today that the company will close 155 stores. These stores will not open tomorrow, and the closing sales will begin on Wednesday, November 5. Our local store will not be closing. You can find out if you’re near one of the targeted stores by reading the list posted on the Circuit City Web site at

Will these sales generate enough cash to keep Circuit City afloat through the holiday sales season? It’s hard to know. I did notice, however, that the company was offering the same Sony 52″ LCD HDTV with Blu-ray bundle as Best Buy in Sunday’s sales flyer, but for $269.99 less. (The Best Buy bundle does include a Geek Squad setup priced at $199.99, but presumably that’s been discounted — possibly a lot — in this bundle price, it means that the Circuit City price for the hardware could be as much as 10% lower.)

I’m not confident that the company can pull this off, but if you live anwhere near one of the 155 stores on the list, it might be worth checking out the deals on Wednesday.