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Black Friday Watch

October 9, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

I’ve been writing for months that we can expect to see price cuts on HDTVs this fall the way they vote in Chicago: early and often. Now TWICE and the IFR Group have teamed up to provide a weekly listing of the most advertised consumer electronics products, including HDTVs. Note that these are not necessarily the best deals, but simply the models that are advertised the most in the weekly circulars nationwide. But in addition to the current price, it also compares it to the last advertised price so that you can see the shift. The report shows new models and the ones with the biggest price changes. Here are the HDTVs for the week of October 5:

Brand Model Retailer Current
TOSHIBA 15LV-505 (15.6″ LCD) Circuit City $299.99 n/a n/a
PANASONIC ) TH-42PZ-80U (42″ PDP) Best Buy $1,299.99 $1499.99 (08/03) -13.33%
SONY ) KDL-46V-4100 (46″ LCD) Circuit City $1,799.99 $1999.99 (09/21) -10.00%
SONY ) KDL-52V-4100 (52″ LCD) Sears $2,299.99 $1999.99 (09/27) 15.00%

Here it is, early October, and we’re already seeing double-digit percentage cuts in top brand products. But I’m not surprised. I am a little puzzled by the jump in the 52″ Sony price at Sears, but I don’t expect the price rise to hold for long. While it’s not comprehensive, this price watch report from TWICE should be very useful to consumers in the coming weeks.