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Diamond HDTV

October 7, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Most of us keep an eye out for the best bargains in HDTVs, such as a 42″ 1080p LCD model for under $700. But some people are less concerned with the total cost than they are about getting something special that will stand out in their home. So you can now have the choice of buying 185 of those bargain models, or buying a single set from German manufacturer Schaub Lorenz. Priced at $130,000 each, this 40″ LCD has a jet black bezel that is studded with V VS1 diamonds and white gold.

Add some bling to your HDTV to create a true conversation piece.

According to the company, each one is “completely hand-made”, and the line is selling well in Europe. They also hope for strong interest from some segments of the Middle East market. (I’m guessing that they’re thinking more of Bahrain and UAE than the Gaza Strip.) The company also pointed out that each one is built-to-order, so customers can choose the specifications for details such as screen size, resolution, and the size and type of precious gems to be used for decoration. I guess even the highest end of the HDTV market is concerned about getting too much money tied up in inventory these days.