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150″ 3D Panasonic Plasma

October 1, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Sometimes companies will do something just to show that they can do it. Case in point: at the CEATEC show in Chiba, Japan this week, Panasonic demonstrated a 150″ 1080p plasma display that is able to show 3D images. You need to wear special glasses to see the 3D effect; presumably they are LCD shutter glasses so that alternating fields are presented to the left or right eye. This means that you still get a full 1080p resolution image. (Autostereoscopic 3D systems lose half their resolution, because half the image is devoted to the left eye, and half to the right.)

This 12.5-foot diagonal screen is bigger than most front projector screens, and is simply a technology demonstration at this point. According to a report in TWICE, Panasonic has indicated that it intends to put the monster display into production next year when their new plasma production line is ready. The product is initially intended for commercial and professional applications, though eventually it will be made available to high-end consumer channels as well.

Note that no pricing has been announced yet, so as they saying goes, if you have to ask…. And if you are thinking about getting one of these for your den, you may as well start planning a new addition to your house; this puppy is not likely to fit through the doors, so you may have to build the room around it!