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LG Puts Holy Text in HDTV

September 25, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

It has been widely reported that LG Electronics is shipping two HDTV models for Middle East markets that contain the full text of the Koran (Quran), the holy book of Islam. This product was created after research indicated that many devout Muslims read the Koran every day, or listen to it on their home entertainment systems. By embedding the content in the 42″ and 50″ HDTV models, LG hopes to increase the products’ appeal in the Middle East market. All 114 chapters are included, and they can be displayed on the screen as text, or the system can read them aloud. Playback can be controlled using the remote control, and you can bookmark passages for easy navigation.

This is one of those “Doh!” moments, where a simple idea becomes obvious once you hear about it. If nothing else, an HDTV is a complex computer so it won’t even break into a sweat while storing and retrieving the full text of books. It may not make sense to use a TV as the delivery system for books in general, but for specific content for which there is a clear market — such as religious texts — it could make a lot of sense. Now that Muslims can enjoy their version of Moses in the bullrushes on a big flat screen, can a Jewish or Christian version be far behind? What other seminal references could be loaded into an HDTV to be instantly available? And it doesn’t have to be limited to text; storage media is so inexpensive, it would be possible to preload a TV with an enormous amount of audio or video content as well.

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