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Mounting Advice

August 13, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Premier Mounts is… well… one of the premier companies making flat panel mounts. According to some reports, about three out of four flat panels in corporate settings get mounted, but only about one in four in homes. If you think you might want to be one of that 25%, Premier has just posted a short video — under four minutes — that gives you a good overview of selecting and installing a wall mount.

| Video no longer available :/ |

The video has lots of good advice, but I’d make a few more points. First, finding wall studs is not always easy, and you need to be sure to drill in the center of the stud because electrical wires are often attached to the side of the studs. An alternative to hitting the studs is to miss them on purpose, and use heavy duty dry wall hangers instead. Make sure that you follow their installation instructions carefully, and make sure you use plenty more than required by the weight of your mount and flat panel.

Also, I recommend that you consider connecting the cables before you lift the panel up and place it on the mount bracket. Often, the connectors are in the back or underneath and can be hard to reach. It’s much easy to connect them securely when you can get at the connectors easily. And on the subject of wires, you may not want an unsightly jumble of wires coming down the wall from the panel. In general, I recommend leaving it to the professionals to fish wires through walls. For most do-it-yourselfers, I suggest getting some plastic wire channels at your local home products store. These have an adhesive strip on back so you can just cut it to length and stick it on the wall to hide the wires. Most of them can be painted, so you can then paint them to match the wall so that they all but disappear.

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