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Belkin Cuts the HDTV Wires

July 21, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

One of my main themes from CES 2008 last January was how the HDTV manufacturers were looking to wireless connections to make it easier for consumers to install and connect their HDTVs to other home entertainment devices. Given the expense and hassle of running wires through walls and floors — or even through wire channels on walls and baseboards — a wireless HDTV sounds like a great idea. But what if you already have a traditional model that relies on wires?

Belkin is a company that is well known for its cables and networking devices. It too has embraced the wireless world, and has come out with a pair of FlyWire products that can transmit HDTV signals to televisions. The FlyWire R1 model is designed to transmit signals within a single room, so that you can place the signal source components wherever you choose. It is scheduled to ship in early 2009. The FlyWire model is intended to transmit the signal throughout the house, so you can put the source components in a closet or another room. It even provides a means to use infrared remote controls to send commands to the hidden devices, such as a cable box or DVD. It is scheduled to ship this October.

I believe that this is where all home entertainment equipment is headed. As long as you can get AC power to a device, you should be able to send video or sound to that device wirelessly. Though I have not tested them yet, these Belkin products look as though they’re a good step in the right direction.