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Olympics Force Export Exception

July 16, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

What do rifle shells and HD video cameras have in common? In a story reported by earlier this month, President Bush asked Congress to provide a temporary exemption for the export of shooting munitions and certain HD cameras which otherwise would be blocked from export. The request was prompted by the need for these materials at the Olympic Games in China.

Still scratching your head over this one? Okay, the rifle shells are for the athletes competing in some of the shooting events. That makes some sense, but why the HD cameras? It turns out that the image stabilizing systems used in some cameras use gyroscopes, and in some cases, these are military grade gyroscopes that use technology that is banned from export (presumably because they could also be used to guide ballistic missles).

The story also notes that the President assured Congress that the equipment will be returned to the US after the Olympics.