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Wonderful World on the Internet

June 24, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Content producers keep experimenting with the Internet, trying to find the right combination of features that make it a practical delivery system. One of the biggest names is trying something new this summer: free, full-length, streamed movies.

I remember when I was little, I had to eat dinner and take my bath early so that I could stay up and watch The Wonderful World of Disney. Now you can use TiVo or other digital video recorders to capture the show and watch it whenever you want. But this summer, you have another choice. Disney is showing seven full length movies this summer on Saturday nights on their ABC network broadcast show. You can then watch the same movie for free on the Disney Web site Monday through Friday the following week. This week happens to be one of the few empty weeks this summer, but next week you’ll be able to watch Eddie Murphy in Haunted Mansion. You can find the schedule of the remaining movies on the Web site.

These movies are typical Disney family fare, and I would be interested to find out how many people watch these streamed movies. They are not the sort of content that most adults will stream at their desks at work, and finding and watching the movies may be beyond the skills of many younger viewers. The movies will show best on a larger screen, but I doubt many homes have a broadband Internet connection to their television yet. So stay tuned to see if Disney decides to repeat or expand on this summer experiment.