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Optoma Shows Tiny Projector

June 20, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

The Optoma pico projector fits in the palm of your hand.

At InfoComm this week, Optoma showed off a new pico projector. It was in the Texas Instruments booth, which makes sense when you consider that it relies on TI’s new DLP Pico imager chipset. The tiny box is designed to project a large image from an iPod, digital camera, mobile phone, or other device. The company plans to launch the four-ounce projector in Europe and Asia later this year, and worldwide in 2009.

Is this market for real? Bill Coggshall of Pacific Media Associates is predicting worldwide shipments of 1 million units in 2010, and more than 6 million units in 2012. That’s more units than are predicted to ship for all front projectors of all sizes for this year.

I think that these tiny projectors are intriguing. There are a number of serious hurdles that the manufacturers will have to clear before they will be able to ship in these predicted quantities. If the supply chain and materials problems can be worked out, I expect that people will be captivated by the ability to show large, full-color images from their portable devices, without the hassle of setting up a conventional projector.