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How Many Online Videos Viewed?

June 5, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Here’s a quick quiz for you: according to a report released last month by comScore, how many online videos were viewed in March 2008 by U.S. Internet users?

a: 11.5 million videos
b: 115 million videos
c: 11.5 billion videos

Now, before you make your pick, remember that this is just for one month. And it’s just for the U.S. Okay? Ready for the answer? It’s “c: 11.5 billion videos“. And of these, more than 37% of these were viewed on YouTube alone. That’s more than 4 billion videos in the month of March alone viewed on YouTube. No other source even had 500 million videos, though second-place Fox Interactive Media came close. Yahoo!, Viacom Digital, and Microsoft rounded out the top five.

The count in March 2008 was up about 64% over the March 2007 figures, which tallied about 7 billion videos. That’s a healthy growth for video delivered over the Internet. I have long argued that this will become the delivery medium of choice for U.S. viewers, and probably television viewers worldwide. The Internet breaks down the time barriers even better than TiVo, and eliminates the problem of having to be in a certain place to watch your video of choice. So I expect that you can expect to see these numbers continue to grow rapidly.