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Best Buy Tries Free Electronics Recycling

June 4, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Best Buy announced this week that it’s trying free electronics recycling for customers in stores in three major market areas. Starting June 1, customers will be able to turn in products for recycling at no charge — even if they did not buy the product at Best Buy — at stores in the greater Minneapolis, Baltimore-Washington D.C., and Boston regions.

You can’t turn in everything. For example, televisions larger than 32″ will not be accepted, nor will air conditioners, microwaves, or appliances. And you’re limited to two items per person per day. Cameras, phones, computers, and peripherals will be taken for recycling.

This is a wonderful program, and I certainly hope that it is successful for Best Buy. It’s not easy to find a place that will take electronics for recycling. Often you have to wait for a community event, or pay a per item fee, both of which are not as convenient as simply going to the local shopping center. And unless it’s convenient, U.S. consumers are not likely to recycle. If Best Buy’s program works and they roll it out nationwide, it could go a long way to help keep consumer electronics out of the nation’s landfills.