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Sony Bringing IPTV to PS3

April 18, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

As you may know by now, I’m a big proponent of video content delivered over the Internet, though I don’t have a clear vision of just what method — or methods — will win out eventually. The big news from Sony comes from a posting on their Playstation.Blog that is attributed to Peter Dille, Senior Vice President, Marketing & PLAYSTATION Network. Here’s what he wrote on Tuesday:

“Many of you have been hearing rumblings about a video service that will allow you to download full-length TV shows and movies via PLAYSTATION Network for North America. While I don’t have any new announcements here for the PlayStation Nation, it’s already been confirmed that we’ll be offering a video service for PS3 in a way that separates the service from others you’ve seen or used. Ultimately the goal of the PLAYSTATION Network service will be to break through the overwhelming clutter of digital media to give you the TV, movies and gaming content you want. More on this very soon …”

The key words in this statement are “video service” and “give you the TV, movies and game content you want.” That’s a pretty broad spectrum of programming, and sounds like a serious commitment on Sony’s part to deliver this content over the Internet. The market research firm iSupply predicts that there will be 20.3 million PS3s out there by the end of this year, reaching 38.4 million units by 2011. This is still small potatoes compared with the number of TV sets out there, but certainly could be enough to make a meal on… especially if you could use the same service to deliver content directly to TVs as well.