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OLEDs: Still moving ahead

March 18, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

It seems to me that the main achievement of the tiny Sony XEL-1 is to leave us wanting more: more resolution, more screen, and a lot more for our money. Many companies are working hard to deliver more from OLED technology, which as the Sony TV has demonstrated, can deliver an impossibly thin and light screen with the detail of an LCD and the emissive image quality of a CRT.

LG Display took a step forward on its journey to create a competitive OLED HDTV, announcing last week that they had signed a cross-licensing agreement with the Eastman Kodak Company for OLED technology. Kodak holds the patents on a a group of OLED materials, which should be valuable to LG Electronics as it furthers its development. The company is focusing on small and medium sized displays at this point, which for the most part includes panels for cell phones and portable media players.

LG does have a 3″ OLED panel that is used in a the portable 1-Seg TV from KAGA Electronics, which was developed by the two companies, Kodak, and Andes Electronics. The 1-Seg is expected to ship in Japan by the end of this month.